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Holmium: YAG

The multi-functional Holmium Laser is designed to be used in a variety of specialties including Urology.

The holmium laser fragments urinary and bladder stones of all compositions.

The Holmium:YAG laser cuts, contours, smooths, ablates, and can also coagulate vascular and avascular soft tissue.

The 2100nm wavelength has a 0.5mm depth of penetration. This allows the laser to have an excellent effect on soft tissue, resulting in better patient outcomes. The engergy is delivered through a variety of small diameter disposable and re-useable delivery devices. This allows the physician to have the exact tool needed for every procedure. The pulsed energy that the Holmium Laser delivers minimizes thermal damage by delivering energy 500 times faster than conventional fiber lasers. The Holmium Laser comes in a variety of models, from low to high-powered units allowing the Holmium to perform a wide variety of procedures.

Holmium Laser Product Specifications


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