About SSLR

Southland Surgical Laser Rental is proud to provide our customers with the latest medical laser technologies, backed by superior, cost-effective service.  Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by consistently performing at the highest standards of professionalism. We understand that uptime is crucial to every medical and cosmetic practice, so we offer a comprehensive array of laser rentals, laser fiber sales, and educational programs-all tailored to each customer’s individual needs, at competitive prices. 

Depend on Southland

At Southland Surgical Laser Rental, we understand you need results, not promises.  So we do whatever it takes to get you the equipment you need. When a customer calls, we first make sure that there are no conflicts that might interfere with delivery. In the unlikely event that a system is not functioning properly, we have back-ups for most of our systems, ready to go if needed. We want you to depend on us.   If you rent with SSLR, we’ll deliver—no excuses!

Systems + Service

Through SSLR, you have access to an extensive selection of top-of-the-line medical lasers and accessories.  These include the most advanced systems on the market, including the 20 watt Dornier and 80 watt Trimedyne Holmium lasers, the 80 and 120 watt GreenLight™ PVP  lasers for BPH surgery, the CO2 laser for an array of  procedures, and the Laserscope® KTP/Nd:YAG lasers in multiple configurations. All of our systems are backed by laser technicians trained in multiple specialties and experienced in a range of clinical settings. Our technicians understand the laser procedures you need to perform--and the advanced technologies that bring the versatile power of laser energy to your practice.

Our Technicians

At Southland Surgical Laser Rental, we’re proud to provide our customers with the superior service they demand. Under the SSLR Tech Policy, our technicians are assigned to specific facilities, allowing them to become acquainted with each facility’s individual protocols and procedures. This helps our technicians to better serve as an integral part of the facility’s surgical team, familiar with the nuances of the organization and each physician’s preferences for laser settings, accessories and fiber optics. It also promotes comfort among the staff, when a trusted technician is there to service their needs.



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