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GreenLight™ PVP System
(80 watt & 120 hp watt)

GreenLight PVP for the treatment of BPH

The GreenLight™ PVP System is used to perform the PVP procedure, or Photo-Selective Vaporization of the Prostate. This new, minimally invasive technique is used to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), or enlargement of the prostate.

The GreenLight PVP System combines a minimally invasive procedure with TURP-like results. The system is used for outpatient procedures, providing immediate results and excellent patient satisfaction.

The GreenLight PVP system utilizes a high-powered KTP (532 nm wavelength) or "green" laser light source and side-firing fiberoptic delivery system. The PVP procedure provides immediate symptom relief and dramatic flow rate improvements with minimal side effects, fast operative times, and minimal catheterization times.

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Click here to download the GreenLight PV Laser brochure.

GreenLight HPS™
Introducing the new GreenLight HPS

A high performance system designed to move you quickly, comfortably and intelligently to the site of service of your preference.

Designed for Function and Form

GreenLight Laser Therapy
High Speed Performance with Precision

Delivers consistent and sustainable vaporization over a large range of working distances, anatomy configurations and tissue composition. Allows for shorter procedure time and more efficient treatment of large glands.

Intelligent Design

A wide range of power settings allow the surgeon to match the nuance of each surgical situation, from anatomy configuration to tissue composition, with TURP-like control over Vaporization/Coagulation and Ready/Standby modes.

Standard Electrical Utilities

Plug and Play Operation auto-adjusts line voltage to provide easy access to any O.R., any time.

Air Cooled System

Eliminates the need for external water connections.

State-of-the-Art Modular Construction

Reliable cutting edge technology sets a new industry standard for high performance with easy care maintenance features.



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