Soutland Surgical Laser


ESWL (Extracorporal Shockwave Lithotripsy)


Main Functions:

  • Shock wave source: Low energy electromagnetic shock wave source.
  • Localization: C arm X-ray & B-ultrasound localization.
  • Incident angle: Adjustable angle of the shock wave source. Shock
    wave source connects to its holder on small C arm, which can be
    moved away from the table.
  • Table: Seperate and movable table can be used for micro-invasive
    operation, scope operation and diagnosis.
  • Image: It adopts main frequency & high frequency X-ray system,
    high-quality image intensifier, CCD camera and digital
    multi-functional monitor.
  • Operating system: Computer control and manual control are combined
    together, so mouse, keyboard and buttons can be used to operate
    the lithotripter. It also contains image workstation. The main
    malfunction can be alarmed by the computer.
  • Environment: Small size, light, small space needed and 220V working
    power supply.

Standard Parameters:

High voltage discharging range


High voltage discharging capacity storage 7.2~20J
Pressure parameters on second focus  
Pulse front ≤0.4μS
Pulse width ≤0.8μS
Focal area size 7*7*25mm
Height of second focus 130±2mm
Movement of the table X≤120mm, Y≤120mm, Z≤150mm
Error of the second focus caused by the movement of the C arm ≤±2mm
Maximum load capacity of the table 135kG


Standard Configuration:

  • Main unit
  • Table
  • Electrical assembly
  • Console
  • X-ray assembly
  • Image intensifier
  • CCD camera
  • Monitor
  • Shock wave source
  • Cushion
  • Auxiliaries


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